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Earl and Me episode 2

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I realize my habits as a writer at unusual times. One, I seem to write rather well when I’m not at home, and preferably in transit to where ever. Hence the nice chunks of writing I knocked off on the Metra back and forth to Chicago the last two days. I’ve done some great work on airplanes, too, and even at airports while I’ve waited to board a flight. If I’m not in transit, then it’s usually Panera for me. In fact, I made my glorious return to Panera last week after a two-month absence (nobody seemed to notice). Two, I’m addicted to research. This story is based almost entirely on research, and I’ve loved digging up all I can about Earl Weaver. My thesis was based heavily on research, too, and I got a lot of satisfaction from dealing with it. I love becoming an expert on whatever subject I’m writing about; I also embrace the challenge of getting the research into the writing in creative and interesting ways.

Speaking of getting the research into the writing… this story is relies more on research than anything else I’ve written. The challenge all along has been to write something, though, that gives the reader something new, something that provides a new angle on things, something that leaves the reader better off than they were when they started reading the piece. So I’ve had to think about how to go beyond the research. Most anybody can find the facts I’m using after surfing the internet for about an hour, so why read the story? That’s why I’ve been relying on a video clip to announce the purpose of the writing, and why I keep returning to the clip throughout the writing to digress at certain points and flesh out interesting and informative angles that the average reader wouldn’t know, or would have a helluva hard time finding. In many ways, the research is providing the backstory for the video clip. I also have a small personal angle on this story that I just wrote about today. I will be in the story, but I’ll be less present in it than anything else I’ve written.

And speaking of getting myself into the story… I knew I had seen something that was classic Earl Weaver at a ballgame last year, and I knew I wanted to write about it in this story. I specifically remember pointing the situation out to my friend and saying: “That’s classic Earl Weaver.” So I had to dig through my scorecards from last year to find it. My first time through wasn’t enough. I thought I remembered in my minds eye where I was sitting when it happened and I was confused when what I was looking for wasn’t where I thought it was supposed to be, but upon my second time through the scorecards, I realized that I wasn’t sitting where I thought I was. So my memory had flipped around and changed perspectives on me. Which is all the more reason why research is so important, because memory is not fact (I wrote the same thing last December in Thesis Blues pt. 3). But I found what I was looking for this afternoon and was so excited I cranked out a page and half to get it stitched into the story.

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June 14, 2009 at 9:53 pm

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