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Earl and Me episode 1

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I think I’ve shaken my case of the Thesis Blues, though I’m not out of the woods yet. I’m meeting with my second reader today, and I will most likely return to my thesis at some point if I want to pursue publication. It’s been almost two months since I finished, and this is how many quality sessions of writing I have logged since then: One. I’ve done some writing, of course, but have had but one quality session in which I was focused for a few hours and felt like I did some quality work. But I have worked on about 4 poems, and started my next piece. But hey- the school year is over, I’m almost finished working on my condo, and I’m not taking any classes this summer. So hey dude… let’s party!

Speaking of my next piece, I’m working on something about Baseball Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver. I got the idea after watching (and rewatching… and rewatching… and rewatching…) a YouTube clip of the notorious coach in which he argues with umpire Bill Haller. It’s vintage Weaver, and hilarious to say the least. I thought there might be an idea for a story there, so I started doing some research. I uncovered a lot about Weaver, both his career and his life, and am trying to piece some things together. It’s been fun so far, which is probably why I’ve been encouraged to keep at it. This will also be a short piece. I’ll be stunned if it comes in over 12 pages.

My challenge will be to come up with something new for the reader. The book has pretty much been written on Weaver; in fact, there are three books out there with his name on them– one is a memoir, one a book on strategy, and I think the third one is a biography. So I’m trying to find a fresh angle. My goal is to get the story published in Elysian Fields Quarterly, a literary journal dedicated entirely to baseball. I set this as a goal because I want to prove that I can hang with the writers and editors of the publication. EFQ has rejected two of my pieces in the past two years; I’m almost certain there’s a third I sent that won’t get published, either. They just haven’t notified me yet.

I am enjoying the research for this piece. It helps that I’m a life-long Orioles fan and that I love baseball. One thing I’ve enjoyed the most is proving a particular website wrong. claimed something regarding Weaver happened in 1985 when it actually happened in 1975. Aside from that, I’ve done about 75% of the research I need to do, have read it and notated it, and am sewing it in as seemlessly as possible as I write. That was a trick I added to my bag when I was writing my thesis. I listened to the interviews over and over so as to avoid the drudgery of transcribing them and so I could write instinctually as much as possible. I got great results; the same thing seems to be happening right now. I’ve also found that even though I don’t have a structure for the piece yet, I have been able to write different episodes at different times without worrying about how a particular episode is going to fit into the whole story.

Finally… I changed the subheading for this blog. I’m now referring to The Seeker as “A meta-cognitive journal about writing… Plus other stuff.” I figured I might as well do that since it seems so much of my content is about what I’m writing. Plus, the blog has proven to be a great way to sort out my thoughts and keep friends and family abreast of what I’m doing. If they’re interested. If!

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June 8, 2009 at 2:44 pm

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