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Thesis Blues pt. 16

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This is way overdue, and I bribed myself to write this before I go and watch whatever free movie I can find on comcast.

It looks like things are going to wrap up on time. I’ve had a couple of intense weeks of writing, but things are in hand. I conducted two follow-up interviews, one with Jim and one with his mother Patricia. I mostly needed to ask a series of questions to each to fill in a few cracks in the story, or to provide the most complete information possible. For example, why did Patricia’s family move to the house at 5th and Middlebury in Goshen in 1965? Where did they live before that, and how did they get there? Little things like that make a big difference at this stage. Things like that end up providing the depth I need and want for the story.

I got crazy Monday night, working on the story until 5AM before crashing on the living room couch at my dad’s house. I knew I was going to do it, and after the first four hours of late-night work, I decided to push and write for as long as I could physically and emotionally stand it. It’s a good thing I’m on spring break this week, otherwise my stunt would have created some serious issues at work the next day (I do not teach well when I’m very, very tired). But it was good to set myself up that way, to again do something out of the normal, keep myself off balance, and push my limits. I had a helluva time getting started around 9:30 Monday night, but kept forcing it until things started to flow. Now that I think about it, I could have done some things to warm myself up instead of starting cold and pushing hard until I got in flow.

It’s all in hand, but I can’t let up right now. I have a several more hours of work to do on my current draft before getting it to Sandi, and then I have to wrap it all up and send it to my second reader. Right now, the conclusion is becoming an issue. Sandi poked holes right through the first draft (as she should have… it was crap…). I have a second draft that she hasn’t seen and that I can’t fully remember the content of, so I have to take another look at things and see what else needs to be done.

Ray Bradbury once advised writers to have fun writing the first draft, because drafts 9-10 are going to be hellish. I’d agree with that right now.


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April 2, 2009 at 4:52 am

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