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Thesis Blues pt. 15

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I had breakfast and lunch at Panera today. Breakfast in Gurnee, late lunch in Lake Bluff. I came up with the idea of breaking up the day’s work when I was coming back from downtown on the train yesterday . I knew I needed to get a lot done, and didn’t feel like parking myself in any particular location for most of the day. It seems to suck the life out of me when I do that. Besides which the thought of having to do that on any particular weekend day agitates my mind before I even do it.

In between, I folded the huge mound of laundry I threw on my bedroom floor yesterday. That upset the cat a little bit; she had already burrowed two or three tunnels through it and was resting comfortably within when I got down to the folding. Then I worked out for a half hour on the elliptical machine at the gym next door. Then I went over to the public library to recieve my award for 2nd place in their yearly creative writing contest.

I hate to play the part of the snobby writer, but I’m afraid I was. I had another twenty pages of edits to go through and didn’t want to lose time listening to the other award winners reading their pieces. I sat in the back and listened, but I also edited my manuscript by hand- and holy crap, did I get a lot done! I believe in creative energy; when it isn’t created of my own volition, I try to siphon it from others as they go through their creative processes. The mere act of other artists doing their thing is enough to send off the kinds of vibes I need, so it helps to be in the company of other artists as it’s happening. It was happening today at the reading. In an hour and a half, I got through 15 of the 20 pages I wanted to get through. It was just coming to me, like I was up to bat and the pitcher was chucking beach balls at me. I was nailing everything. This is crazy, because the rewrites have been killing me lately. It seems like it takes me 2-3 hours to get through 6-7 pages. I just got it today as the other writers read their pieces. I read my piece, took off, and was fired up at Panera a half hour later. I blazed through about 2 horus of work (it seemed almost effortless), then called it a day.

I’m not kidding about the artistic vibes thing. I’ve done some excellent writing while sitting at play practice or while listening to Lot 49 at Borders (they’re a local avante-garde jazz duet), or after watching a director’s commentary track on a DVD.

This is the second consecutive Sunday when I’ve gone to bed feeling pretty good about the story. I feel again that it’s within reach, and if I focus and keep my head for the next month, it’s all going to get taken care of.


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March 16, 2009 at 2:04 am

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