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Thesis Blues pt. 12

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Never go into combat without your weapon. It’s something I have told my junior-level College Placement students over and over since the start of the school year. Not only are you going to need your weapon, but you need to make sure its cleaned, loaded, and properly sighted so you don’t have to worry about any operating issues in the thick of the action.

Saturday, I went into combat without heeding my own advice. I camped out at Panera in Round Lake, ate some lunch, checked some email, and formatted Sgt. Danger’s latest communication for blogging. By the time I got focused, I was half-way through my first battery. See, I bought a brand-new laptop when I started the writing program. I bought a nice backpack to haul it, a security cable to lock it down, and a spare battery. All of the accoutrements were designed so as to be ready to fly off and write within one minute (no exaggeration- I wanted to be able to be packed and gone in sixty seconds flat), and then not worry about where I was going to work because two batteries would see me through about five hours of writing. Sounds like a perfect plan, huh?

It usually is. Unless you drain both your batteries and forget to recharge the spare. Unless you pack up and leave your power cord sitting on your desk at home, so when your first battery runs out you don’t even have a means to plug into anything even if you move to a different table at Panera.

I’ve never done something so “rookie” before in my life. The most I’ve done is leave my mouse sitting at home on my desk. That’s no biggie, though, because my laptop has a touchpad. I don’t like to use it, but I can when needed. It makes the whole writing process slow down, requiring me to think about psychomotor skills I don’t want to think about while swimming in a sea of cognitive processes.

So that’s what happened. I zipped home, grabbed my cord, and then trucked over to the local Caribou Coffee, which is always choice #2 when things aren’t happening at Panera.

I’ve started to think that I’m becoming too much of a diva with writing, like everything has to be perfectly balanced and I have to be totally in tune to do my best writing. It didn’t used to be like this, but then again I wasn’t always writing for Northwestern and saddling myself with a thesis that has exacted a huge toll on my time, energy, and emotions. I guess it’s a sign of me stepping up my game so I don’t disappoint my thesis advisor, my second reader, or Jim.


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February 9, 2009 at 11:58 pm

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