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Thesis Blues pt.8

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So much of writing seems to be a matter of getting myself into position to write, or to write something effective. That’s what today was. I did end up at the Gurnee Panera, and after I piddled around with some school work, I started to outline my thesis so I can get a real tight look at the structure. I know where to put the part I was griping about Friday (about the purpose for the story), but it took a good deal of analysis of structure to find its place. After that, I had to smooth the edges– both before and after the insertion– so it would fit. But the thing is, I never wrote the segment about the purpose of the story. I only laid the groundwork. It will happen later tonight or throughout the next week. Most likely throughout the next week. I could feel my focus blurring. There’s no sense in pushing it so hard right now. I can really explode next Saturday (I’m feeling the Lincolnshire Panera, or possibly the Barnes and Noble there after I burn a gift card I got for Christmas). That, and I’m really jonesing to work out as soon as I can get home.

One advantage of the intense focus that comes from writing is that sometimes great lines of writing just fall out of your head unexpectedly; effortlessly. Writers call it “experiencing flow.” I just sent off a quick email that had this line in it:

“…one totally whacked fact that I would never expect to know right off the bat.”

My poetry professor would be proud of me. I have assonance going (whacked, fact, that, bat), an internal rhyme (whacked, fact), and some cute wordplay with “whacked” and “bat.” Never mind the “right off the bat” cliche; I think I compensated for it with the wordplay.


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January 4, 2009 at 8:25 pm

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