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3 Months of The Seeker

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Three months of The Seeker has me thinking about what has happened with this blog thus far, and what I hope will happen with it in the future.

The first claim I made when I began blogging was that the content would be random. That appears to be happening, though not in the manner I thought it would. My personal posts tend to be about baseball and film, both of which I love to think and write about. Otherwise, some randomness has been provided by way of guest bloggers. I have had two thus far; I have another one who will make two appearances in the next week.

My attempts at randomness have helped me develop a habit that I’m finding ever more useful as a writer, which is to keep an eye out for interesting and decently crafted writing that I encounter throughout my daily routines. Thus, I have found work from people with different interests and backgrounds that has made for interesting content herein, regardless of whether or not it supports my own point of view. I’m grateful for those guest bloggers- working with their writing has helped me learn a few things about editorial processes, which in turn has helped me become a better writer.

As for what you can expect in the future, there are a few things. I will continue to collect guest bloggers to help maintain the random and unexpected content I like to read and work with. If you are reading this frequently, I would like to encourage you to comment on what you read– opinion-driven discussions will only open up more possibilities for content. Personally, I may never stop writing about baseball and film, so you can expect more of that. However, I hope to get in the habit of commenting more on education, and posting with greater frequency regardless of content. I’m also open to suggestions.

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November 12, 2008 at 3:03 am

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Guest Blogger: Who Should Have Won the Election

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Kenneth O. Knight, CWO, U.S. Army (ret.), is the father of my friend Carrie Knight; this is his first turn as a blogger. He earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star through two tours of duty in Vietnam. His novel Year of the Snake remains unpublished. He can be contacted at

John McCain should have won the presidency because he is a true American hero who has dedicated much of his life in service of his country as a military officer and as a state representative. He spent more years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam than Obama has spent working in the government. With respect to Obama, his election to the presidency is like an entry-level employee making it to corporate CEO after only four years of employment.

McCain, a graduate of Annapolis, demonstrated his loyalty to his country and fellow soldiers when he was a POW. It is not well publicized, but when first captured, the North Vietnamese offered to release him because he was the son of a Navy Admiral. McCain declined, telling them that they could release him if and when all the other prisoners of war were released. He was held to the very end and could barely walk when he was returned.

I don’t recognize the credibility of Obama’s main campaign platform, which was to bring needed change to the social, economic, and political system. It’s an age-old platform that has been used by almost all campaigning presidents. McCain also campaigned for change; the only difference between him and Obama was methodology.

The contention that McCain would continue government programs status quo if elected president was weak. He claimed that he is not President Bush and stressed that he would pursue changes in the way things have been done over the past years. Some have made the argument that he voted in favor of President Bush’s policies over 90% of the time. However one should realize that because of his military background, he has developed the quality of loyalty, especially to his commander-in-chief. He supported President Bush’s policies out of loyalty and Republican Party ties, even though he might have disagreed more than we know. It is unfortunate that his military background may have attributed to his strong support of Bush’s policies. At any rate, it does not mean he would not lead the country in a different direction.

If his loyalty was ever doubted, McCain’s concession speech should be remembered. He congratulated Senator Obama for winning the presidency and said he would recognize him as “My President,” offering his full support. How honorable he is to render such assurance to the person with whom he had been locked in combat just a few hours prior,.

All of this is now inconsequential. Only time will tell what President Obama does to improve our country. He will no doubt make improvements, as any newly elected president initially does. Initially, our economy will be impacted. However, one must realize that the problems in the economy did not generate overnight. George W. Bush is not fully to blame for this. Yet Obama’s campaign seemed to hinge on that issue. He not only made Bush the scapegoat, but tied Senator McCain in with him. Foreign Affairs and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will undoubtedly be more challenging for him, but here again; he will rely heavily on Vice President Joe Biden and other experts in this area for advice.

I still find it remarkable how anyone could leap to leadership when the only way he could accomplish it was by drawing on the expertise around him so he could lead effectively. Yet Obama convinced the majority of Americans that he could do a better job in spite of his inexperience. Hopefully his staff of advisors can pull him through. Most certainly he will achieve greater success at a faster pace than Bush, because he now has a party majority in Congress and the House of Representatives, which the Bush administration did not have.

Despite all this and the outcome of the election, I believe that Senator McCain has earned the right to serve as President of the United States over Barack Obama.

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November 11, 2008 at 9:41 pm

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