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Thesis Blues pt.II

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Not all is miserable with the thesis. Things are moving along smoothly right now, especially considering that I promised myself I would not work on the writing this month. I’ve mostly lived up to my promise, but the month is almost over.

In order to ramp back up to working on it consistently, I will conduct 2 critical interviews within the next week, 1 of which will help close out a section of the story. The other will most likely open a can of worms I don’t really want to think about right now.

Brad Park is one of the people I will interview. He was Jim’s defensive coach in high school. I’ve already spoken to him once. He teaches Math at Goshen High School, and having a profession in common has created some rapport between us. I’m going to see if he’ll open up about the crushing defeat that ended Goshen’s run at a second straight state title in 1989. I have some of the essentials, but need him to fill in the rest. I don’t want to go to Jim for it because he’s a bit biased about how things played out on the football field, and Brad will probably provide better information than what I would find in newspaper articles. I’m excited; I want more details about the game that was played in crippling snow and ice and ended when the opposition scored on a breakaway run down the sideline on the final play of the game. Jim was standing on the sidelines when it happened because of the change in position that was forced on him at the beginning of the season. He told me recently that he’s still unhappy about it.

Jim’s mother Patricia will be my second interview. I was surprised at how excited she was at the idea when I first spoke to her last Sunday. We’ll meet in Kendallville and talk for a few hours before I head back to Chicago next Sunday. I’m nervous about some questions I want to ask her, and fear I might push her away if I get too nosy. There are elements of Jim’s life, especially before he was born and the time shortly after, that are sketchy at best (even to him). I wonder what she’ll have to say about them. She offered to bring some pictures with her, which I somehow didn’t even think about.

One of the things I love about writing is talking to different people and learning their stories. I have found that most people are willing to talk, even at the spur of the moment. They like to share their stories, and almost always tell me things I didn’t expect. Ranking a close second place is the research I like to do. I take pride in finding unexpected facts, or digging up things others couldn’t find. It’s almost always a matter of determination… I haven’t not been able to find something I needed if I was willing to spend as much time as possible finding it. One of my proudest moments as a writer was last winter when I was writing about Mensa. I impressed a number of Mensans with what I already knew about their organization; a few couldn’t believe the things I knew about Mensa that they didn’t know. I guess the only exception thus far pertains to some of the people from Jim’s past that I mentioned in my previous post. But I’m not done looking for them. All I need is for the right door to open up. I guess I’ll keep knocking.

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November 24, 2008 at 2:39 am

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