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Thesis Blues

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I have about 7 months to finish my thesis if I plan on graduating from Northwestern in June, 2009 on what will no doubt be a beautiful sunny day in Evanston on the shores of Lake Michigan. I have about 7 months to secure the tickets to the ceremony and coax some family and friends to share in my joy. I have about 7 months to compile all my notes, finish interviews, and then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite.

It’s about Jim Wysong, a friend from undergrad. He has lived every day of his life in poverty; his life and experiences make an interesting intersection with my teaching career. My writing is a quest to understand what it means to be poor. By doing so, I feel I can put myself in the best possible position to help many of the students I teach. I’m not a crusader; I just want to find answers to questions that will help me do the best I can as a teacher.

It’s driving me crazy. I have too much to write about, too little time to write it, too little clue about a structure that will work, too little experience with this style of writing, and too little motivation.

The most important thing I’ve learned to this point is that the ability to duck and cover is an essential survival skill for the lower class. Those I most want to find for purposes of interviews and background don’t want to be found; some I have found won’t talk to me. They are as inaccessible to me as most social institutions must seem to them. What I’m experiencing is probably very similar to the frustrations they experience when dealing with the financial, educational, health care, and legal systems. No doubt that frustration breeds mistrust for “The Man.”

Whether I want to or not, I represent “The Man.”

I love capitalism.

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November 17, 2008 at 3:12 am

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