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It occurred to me after some research this week that it might benefit readers and contributors to know why I titled this blog The Seeker. Though there are religious connotations to the title, this is not a religion blog. Writing and commentary about religion might appear on it, but that would point more to the adjective “random” I chose to describe how I envision the content. Furthermore, this is not a blog about The Taliban. “Taliban” has been interpreted to mean “students (or seekers) of Islamic Knowledge.” I have read where they have been referred to as “The Seekers.” No relation, but again, something about the Taliban could appear on this. (An interesting digression: “Taliban” refers to the group as a whole; the singular form is “Talib.” There are also accepted variations of the spelling of “Taliban;” “taleban” and “talebaan” are two of them) The only reason I chose “The Seeker” is because I’m a huge fan of The Who, and my favorite song by them is “The Seeker.” I’ve thought before that it’s the song they wrote for me, and it’s one I strongly identify with. It represents my constant urge to get a deep understanding of all I can.


Written by seeker70

August 21, 2008 at 12:58 am

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